Carefully chosen colors represent different chakra energies.


Vertical and horizontal lines help you visualize proper alignment.


Compression fabric and a wide waist band combine for the perfect fit.



With a focus on maximizing every movement for supreme human performance, the intelligent design of our clothing merges health, athleticism, and style.

Our bodies work better with proper alignment. We flow with grace, speed, and strength when we move along the meridians within our bodies, increasing our performance, and reducing injuries.

The intentional designs of our clothing serve as referential sight lines to provide biofeedback during activities, including sports, physical therapy, and leisure.

Our patent-pending techniques enable the brain to respond to peripheral and sometimes, subconscious visual cues for placement, focus, and to prevent injuries from a turn-out or subconscious misalignment. Such an activation is helpful for enhancing proper body mechanics, and increasing health, healing, and athletic performance.

Our use of color theory is intended to serve as intellectual stimulus via emotional provocations. By incorporating chakra theories within neuroscience, the use of colors is intended to heighten performance by elevating awareness, and promoting feelings of well-being, and creativity.

The compression fabric is soft, and intended for long-wearing, making an easy transition from early morning, to work, to school, to work, to dinner.

For those in recovery or in physical therapy, the clothing is easy to get into and to remove, with a wide, comfortable waistband, and long leggings that cover the entire span of the foot, lessening the need for socks on sensitive toes. It is also easy to cut to size in the event a shorter length is required, and maintains a clean edge without fraying.



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