The One Whirl Safe Lock Yoga Block 


Designed for the protection of your valuables while you practice!

Our patented yoga block has a secret compartment for your keys,

cell phones, and other valuables.  Our exclusive design locks the

two sides securely to bear weight during poses, and to allow 

alignment during postures.


ONE WHIRL YOGA BLOCK weighs less than a pound, making

it super light. We rounded our edges for better balance, too.

ONE WHIRL YOGA BLOCK is two blocks in one with the ability 

to use one-half it for alignment postures, as well as height variations.


ONE WHIRL YOGA BLOCK is perfect for everyone interested in yoga,

from the experienced yogi to beginners.  


ONE WHIRL YOGA BLOCK provides safety in practice and for your valuables.




Weight: 8.6 oz 

Measurements: height: 4 in, length: 9 in, width: 6 in


Safe Lock Yoga Block


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